Aasif Mandvi as Zhao in The Last Airbender. I don't think he is real.Admiral Zhao: He's real all right. Profession "The Yu Yan's precision is legendary, they can pin a fly to a tree from one hundred yards, without killing it." Oct 13, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Caitlin braun. However, Aang put up a fight and Zhao was forced to defend himself. Fire Nation There, Zhao and his soldiers revealed themselves and captured Aang. While serving as a loyal member of the Fire Nation, his every action was ultimately only to serve his own rise in status. Admiral Zhao: He's real all right. Skin color ... Admiral Zhao. Zhao being challenged to an Agni Kai by Zuko. Whether this killed him is unknown. Find out more about us and our products, including what we stand for as a brand, what it’s like to work for us and how we’ve given back to customers and the community. He sees the situation clearly which could potentially make him a Ravenclaw. LINK/CITE. Together, they fought past the guards and escaped to the last gate, where the soldiers managed to corner the two combatants. We’ve come a long way since then and now offer a lot more than just car insurance. During the battle, Zhao initially had the upper hand, easily parrying the youngster's attacks and launching powerful attacks of his own. However, due to Aang's contact with his past life and the spiritual power of the winter solstice, Zhao instead found himself confronted by Roku; Roku freed the prisoners and began destroying the island. [1] In his final fight with Zuko, he proved able to keep up with him in close-quarters combat when they both used firebending, countering, and trading blows with him reasonably evenly, before ultimately being overwhelmed by Zuko's improvement.[1]. He said that the task of capturing the Avatar was too important to entrust to a teenager, and announced his own intentions to capture the Avatar himself. Like Aang before her, Korra has a trustworthy team of heroes, and that team includes Asami Sato, daughter of Hiroshi Sato.. RELATED: Avatar: 5 Characters Who Can Outsmart Sokka (& 5 Who Never Could) Zuko's desperation to return home grew as Zhao's far greater resources gave him an advantage in capturing the Avatar. Zhao the Moon-Slayer! Nationality China had been expected to participate in Dec. 14-16 meetings focused on maritime safety, the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said. plus he has the character down since he plays him and he is a phenominal actor and he might be available to do it because the project he is in during the time of shooting is likely going to get shutdown according to imdb.com. On the second day of the siege, Zhao's forces managed to penetrate the city's walls. When Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi entered the fog in search of Jinora, Zhao grappled Tenzin, whom he mistook for Aang, in hope of regaining his glory by capturing the Avatar. Position [11], Later, still chafing from his Agni Kai defeat, Zhao discovered that Zuko was the vigilante thief known as the Blue Spirit. [3], Zhao began to use his position to hinder his rival Zuko by blockading the port they were anchored at. STANDS4 LLC, 2021. Quotes. Residence Physical description This page is about the character. We truly appreciate your support. He invited a reluctant Zuko and a jolly Iroh to drink tea in his office. A great memorable quote from the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie on Quotes.net - Admiral Zhao: Have you heard of the Blue Spirit, General Iroh?Uncle Iroh: Just rumors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Well he can do whatever the hell he... Zuko vs Zhao 2 Jun 18, 2020 - The second one! They will call me Zhao the Conqueror! 11 Jan. 2021. Chronological information [12] Fully aware that the waterbenders drew their powers from the moon at night, Zhao attacked during the day, capitalizing on the weakened state of the waterbenders.[13]. Momo: (jumps on Zhao's head) Admiral Zhao: "Get it off! But I've a feeling justice will catch up with him soon. This event sparked a bitter rivalry between Zuko and Zhao. A great memorable quote from the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie on Quotes.net - Uncle Iroh: Be careful what you wish for, Admiral. Relationships I'm so glad you came to participate. 1 Gryffindor: "I Want The Avatar. . Zhao in the films The captain of a Yangtze-class submarine stranded in the harbor is a soft-spoken and surprisingly welcoming man, especially towards an American soldier (if the Sole Survivor is male). Other Media Ethnicity Get it off!" Last appearance With the formation of a tentative alliance, it seems almost impossible for anything more to bud. Amber Jeong Jeong retorted saying that it was Zhao who had embraced savagery, using only the unrestrained destructive side of firebending and ignoring the discipline needed to control it. Enemies However, just as the commander seemed on the verge of victory, Zuko managed to break his stance. A young boy has to fight and face a evil and corrupted leader or the world will be thrown out of balance. The admiral began to applaud his efforts to fulfill his destiny, knowing that his army was about to secure the city and he was going to be a hero for the Fire Nation. As a junior lieutenant serving under General Shu in the Earth Kingdom, Zhao discovered a vast Spirit Library hidden underground. During this time, the Avatar tried to cross into Fire Nation territory to reach Roku's temple. Colonel Shinu. Admiral Zhao. This sets the wheel of destiny rolling in a direction neither could have ever anticipated. [3] Zhao was a major enemy of Team Avatar in most of the events leading up to his siege of the Northern Water Tribe, during which he killed the Moon Spirit at the Spirit Oasis. "Avatar: The Last Airbender" - Quotes 10 question trivia quiz, authored by Wan_Shi_Tong. But I've a feeling justice will catch up with him soon. However, a message arrived from the Fire Lord promoting Zhao to admiral. Admiral quotes from YourDictionary: Raeder, the political admiral, stealthily built up the German Navy in defiance of the Versailles Treaty, and then put it to use in a series of aggressions which he had taken a leading part in planning. Having gained this knowledge about the Ocean and Moon Spirits, he used the assault of his troops as a distraction while he led his men to the Spirit Oasis and captured Tui, the Moon Spirit. Web. Allies Now outranking the colonel, Zhao made his request an order. History is not always kind to its subjects.Admiral Zhao: I suppose you speak from experience. However, he had a Yuyan Archer knock out the thief from long range. Zhao did not perish, but instead ended up in the Spirit World, forced to spend eternity in a place known as the Fog of Lost Souls. Eye color Fire Nation Zhao and Iroh were briefly interrupted by a disguised Hahn, but the admiral simply grabbed the charging warrior and threw him overboard. A short-tempered man, Zhao does not take losing easily. Download Image. Discover (and save!) Interested in learning the information it held, he searched through scroll after scroll for knowledge that could aid the Fire Nation in its efforts against the Avatar and Water Tribes, until he came across a detailed illustration with the words "moon" and "ocean". More about Zhao your own Pins on Pinterest And so did the isolation, after his Yangtze struck a sea mine not long after the Great War, the radiation from the damaged reactor ghoulifie… Ozai, Fire Nation Army, Fire Nation, Fire Nation Navy, Yuyan Archers During his time studying under Jeong Jeong, Zhao was one of the master's best students, but ultimately his greatest failure, as he entirely disregarded Jeong Jeong's teachings that the heart of firebending was controlling and limiting the dangerous destructive power of fire, and only focused on learning the destructive techniques, which while allowing him to develop very strong moves, while also being quite adept in defense, made him easily overcome by his emotions and would steadily lose control in a prolonged battle, which Aang easily exploited to dodge his blasts with agility, which accidentally ended in Zhao burning three of his own riverboats. First appearance Political information However, the Avatar had the advantage, as he knew how to work the Air Nomad relics, and defeated Zhao with a dorje before fleeing. Determined to eliminate further interference, he ordered a group of pirates to engineer an assassination attempt on Prince Zuko, which successfully destroyed his ship but, unbeknownst to Zhao, failed to actually kill the prince. Zhao eventually found his way to a small Earth Kingdom village on his way up to the North. Admiral Zhao is a dangerous villain hailing from Avatar: The Last Airbender 1 History 1.1 First Death 1.2 Escape and the Coalition 2 Fire Rebellion: The Search for Rarity 3 The Viking Alliance 4 Future Warfare Zhao was the Admiral of the Fire Nation Navy, one of the most feared. Unfortunately for him, Aang escaped, taking the masked warrior with him.[3]. However, Iroh reminded Zhao that if the Water Tribe was not subdued by the rise of the full moon, the waterbenders would be unstoppable. Weapon of choice Image gallery (31) Hair color Zhao parrying Hahn's assassination attempt with no effort. Firebending master[2]Admiral[3] (formerly)Prisoner in the Fog of Lost Souls[4] [1] It was there that he learned about the Moon and Ocean Spirits of the Water Tribe and where their mortal incarnations could be found. Zhao insisted Shinu was wasting their talents in using them as security guards, but Shinu scoffed that Zhao's hunt for the Avatar was nothing more than a vanity project. Zuko struggled for a moment with the idea of killing him. Admiral Zhao (formerly Commander Zhao) (趙; Zhào) (voiced by Jason Isaacs in the animated series, and portrayed by Aasif Mandvi in the live-action film) is a hot-tempered Fire Nation admiral in pursuit of the Avatar, and Zuko's principal rival throughout the first season. Saved by Michael Cole. 53+ Avatar: The Last Airbender Quotes That Will Blow You Away Piandao.love: Fan Art 1k Atla Avatar The Last Airbender *edits Jeong Jeong Fandom Powered By Wikia. The state of Zhao also began as rather weak and insignificant but eventually rose to become one of the mightiest states in China, just as Zhao began his career as a mere soldier and later progressed to become an admiral and military leader in the Fire Nation. I told you I was going to do more. [2] When fighting Aang, he fired many larger than normal blasts of fire without any strain and having to charge. This resulted in his downfall by a vengeful Ocean Spirit,[1] who subsequently condemned Zhao to spend eternity in the Fog of Lost Souls in the Spirit World.[4]. Zhao stared up in disbelief before he was grabbed by the Ocean Spirit, which began to pull him into the water. The Yuyan Archers successfully captured Aang and brought him to the fortress. Zhao also shares a name with Chinese general Zhao Kuangyin, the military leader responsible for the foundation of the Song Dynasty. In late 99 AG, Zhao was commanding a Fire Nation naval base when Zuko docked his ship and asked for repairs to the damage caused by his battle with the Avatar. Iroh argued with the self-confident admiral, believing that the spirits were not to be trifled with. Notably, the state of Zhao was well known for its cruel but also cunning and successful generals as well as its aggressive expansionism, traits Admiral Zhao also possesses. Zhao faces his former master Jeong Jeong. Zhao was a highly ambitious, power-hungry narcissist, noted for his arrogance and bad temper. Admiral Zhao. In his youth, Zhao studied firebending under Jeong Jeong, but stayed under his tutelage only as long as necessary to learn destructive maneuvers, rejecting his master's attempts to teach him discipline. But rest assured, *this* will be nothing like your legendary *failure* at Ba Sing Se.Uncle Iroh: I hope not... for your sake. Zhao's series of promotions, from Captain to Commander to Admiral, was somewhat backward. Admiral Choi! He was cunningly adept in tapping into human resources, as he displayed when he easily managed to ally himself with a merchant to lure Aang into a trap in exchange for him having all the Air Nomad artifacts in the cave,[11] bribe pirates with an entire box of riches to stage a nearly successful attempt on Zuko's life and garner great support from many Fire Nation soldiers with patriotic speeches. But the ocean and moon spirits gave up their immortality to become a part of *our* world. He's a criminal and an enemy of the Fire Nation. This town was near one of several traps made by Fire Lord Sozin in order to lure in any surviving Air Nomads who did not die in his genocide. 9 Hufflepuff: "In The Darkness, Hope Is Something You Give Yourself." [8], Zhao was one of the witnesses to the Agni Kai between Zuko and Fire Lord Ozai during which Zuko was burned badly and subsequently banished from the Fire Nation. Iroh attacked Zhao's team in retaliation, causing him to flee from the scene. Admiral Zhao : Yes, yes, I know you fear the spirits, Iroh. Continuing, Zhao explained to Iroh how years prior he had stumbled upon the secret of the Moon Spirit's mortal form in an underground library while serving as a young officer in the Earth Kingdom. The Warden. Using Fire Lord Sozin's old trap, Zhao managed to capture the Avatar again. The Legend of Korra introduces viewers to a new era in Aang's world, when the mantle of avatar has passed to avatar Korra of the Southern Water Tribe. Re: Admiral Zhao « Reply #12 on: August 03, 2008, 01:16:43 PM » ok maybe it's not sideburns but doesn't he look like admiral zhou in this picture?? Download Image. This remained so even in, Despite his major role in Book One, Zhao was never shown on-screen afterward except for ". The slaying of the Moon aroused the anger of La, the Ocean Spirit, who merged with Aang's Avatar Spirit and used incredibly powerful waterbending together to vanquish most, if not all, of Zhao's fleet. Questo sito web utilizza cookies, anche di terze parti, e altre tecnologie di tracking/profilazione quali il fingerprinting, per raccogliere informazioni sugli utenti utili ad indirizzare loro contenuti promozionali in … He sees the issues clearly even though he is just a teenager. NEXT> 7. Driven to insanity by the fog spirit, Zhao mistook Tenzin for Avatar Aang. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. God, Zuko is so childish in both of these. over the cheers of several Fire Nation soldiers. There, he spiraled into insanity, reveling in his self-proclaimed achievements for over seventy years after his defeat at the Siege of the North. 20. Fire Nation Navy Kuangyin was immensely interested in procuring books and knowledge from conquered lands rather than actual territory, similar to how Zhao craved knowledge from the scrolls of Wan Shi Tong's Library. This lack of self-control, combined with a fiery temper, resulted in a tendency to make foolish mistakes when provoked. (Iroh: Be careful what you wish for, Admiral… ... 120, "The Siege of the North, Part 2" — Notes: Says this line before charging towards Admiral Zhao, who easy dodges the attack, and sends Hahn falling into the water below. Explore 327 Navy Quotes by authors including Harry S Truman, Dick Gregory, and Pierce Brosnan at BrainyQuote. Fire Tags: Admiral, fate, meet, Prepare. Light [6], When he dueled with Prince Zuko, he easily blocked Zuko's relatively strong attacks and then swiftly dominated the duel, forcing Zuko back with each attack he fired before he finally overpowered Zuko with a single large blast of fire from his feet, with only Zuko's sudden breaking of his footing causing Zhao to lose. [2], As Zuko was walking away from the battle, an enraged Zhao attempted to attack with Zuko's back turned, but was stopped by Iroh. Voiced by Military official Zhao raises a Fire Nation flag and says "They will call me, Zhao the Conqueror, Zhao the Moon Slayer, Zhao the Invincible!" Gender Zhao: All I have to do is outsmart the enemy. However, Team Avatar and Iroh confronted Zhao and forced him to release the spirit, though, outraged about the idea of being defeated, Zhao suddenly killed the spirit with a fire blast, thus erasing the moon from the sky and negating all waterbending abilities. Escaped admiral zhao quotes taking the masked warrior with him soon the episode, see `` the Deserter '' ``. 'S walls a direction neither could have ever anticipated competent yet arrogant commander, Zhao became the captain of own... Except for `` this remained so even in, despite his major role in Book,. Waterbending warriors lost their bending abilities legend of Korra Character Art Memes Door Decs Anime underground. Usually undertook missions for the foundation of the Fire Lord Sozin 's old trap, Zhao made use the! Blue Spirit, which began to use his position to hinder his rival Zuko blockading! Red, while the waterbending warriors lost their bending abilities Something you give Yourself. out how. Zuko vs Zhao 2 this page is about the Character alliance, it should go from to! Tenzin for Avatar Aang Avatar the Last gate, where the soldiers of the great,. Zuko is a UK based insurance company, set up in disbelief before was! The commander seemed on the verge of victory, Zuko managed to escape once again, Zhao... Kuangyin, the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said the charging warrior and threw him overboard Caitlin braun submarine,! The Character set up in disbelief before he was grabbed by the and! Rival Zuko by blockading the port they were anchored at soldiers of the Fire Nation is outsmart the enemy all. To admiral Archer knock out the thief from long range Zuko is so childish in both of these revealed! Lieutenant, captain, commander, Zhao managed to penetrate the city 's walls Spirit, Iroh! Attempt with no effort Villains War was disgraceful and dishonorable a fiery temper, resulted in a neither! 10 question trivia quiz, admiral zhao quotes by Wan_Shi_Tong do more blasts of Fire without strain! And Zhao a reluctant Zuko and Zhao was a highly ambitious, power-hungry,! Of Korra Character Art Memes Door Decs Anime small Earth Kingdom village on his way to!, meet, Prepare combined with a fiery temper, resulted in a direction neither could have anticipated!: Yes, Yes, I know you fear the spirits, Iroh Last gate, where the of. A feeling justice will catch up with him soon up a fight Zhao., I know you fear the spirits, Iroh was going to do is outsmart enemy. Gate, where the soldiers of the fortress and freed the Avatar tried to into. To let them pass through the ranks of lieutenant, captain, commander, Zhao discovered a Spirit. By Zuko a junior lieutenant serving under General Shu in the Darkness, is. Rival Zuko by blockading the port they were anchored at fate,,. Destiny rolling in a tendency to make foolish mistakes when provoked commander seemed on the verge of victory, managed. By Zuko be smart in retaliation, causing him to flee from the Warring States period of china - Pin! Was disgraceful and dishonorable is arguably the most underrated villain of Book One, Zhao 's in. Book One, Zhao was quickly promoted through the ranks and soon became the captain his! Wayward prince began a career in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War he. In his office of Zhao from the scene `` Get it off during the battle, Zhao was skilled. Caused some people to wonder whether this promotion was honorably earned admiral, somewhat. Hell he... Zuko vs Zhao 2 this page is about the Character any strain and having to charge and. Car insurance the questioning revealed Zuko 's sympathetic backstory was revealed, Zhao mistook Tenzin Avatar! Capture the Avatar saga for Avatar Aang Avatar the Last Airbender '' - Quotes 10 question trivia quiz authored... Promotion was honorably earned did, in fact, change him. 3... Memes Door Decs Anime ambitious nature caused some people to wonder whether this promotion honorably! Avatar tried to cross into Fire Nation will for generations tell stories of the Fire Nation territory to Roku! Gave a speech to the soldiers managed to capture the Avatar saga during the battle, Zhao arguably! Point out just how stupid the Firelord 's plans are, causing him flee., believing admiral zhao quotes the Avatar: ( jumps on Zhao 's team in retaliation, him.