Let your happy hour guests show off their inner crafters, artists, or chefs. They’ll keep the event on-pace, making your guests laugh as you recreate famous works of art (kind of), flow-through buzz-in rounds, and so much more. Are you dressing up at home to get in a busy mindset? Zoom: Zoom is a popular corporate video conferencing solution that has gone mainstream while people are sheltering in place.It’s rated high for usability and streaming quality, but you’ll need to pay for a Pro account to host meetings that are longer than 40 minutes. An art appreciation activity can be a great way to spark discussion: If your group gravitates toward music rather than art, then simply ask everyone to come prepared with fun facts and links related to a piece of music they want to discuss. Pull in some experts, like the folks at City Brew Tours. However, a general 60-minute cap should help you keep your guests’ attention. To ensure the happy hour starts on time, all participants should be encouraged to download any software (like Zoom) and test it out in advance of the call. How do you feel when you use your talent? Make the most of tech tools. 39 Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Ideas Learn how to host an engaging virtual happy hour. Set up the game ahead of the virtual happy hour to ensure a smooth flow. Some beach-friendly virtual happy hour ideas include: Setting Zoom backgrounds to tropical locations; Curating a summery playlist with songs like Wipeout by the Surfaris, California Girls by Katy Perry, and anything by the Beach Boys; Mixing and sipping exotic cocktails like Mai Tais, Daiquiris, and Piña Coladas. 55% of remote employees are working through the weekend. As the days blend together, the best Zoom backgrounds for your virtual happy hour can make the drinking ritual a little more festive. To get started, search for happy hour flyer ideas for inspiration. How will you mix it up if you do get bored? The Best Employee Recognition Software Platforms Mendoza is a writer at TechRepublic and based in Los Angeles. What types of professional and fun things does your talent help with? Two Truths and a Lie is like the go-to for a lot of icebreakers, and talking through Zoom doesn't change that. It’s that easy. There is a variety of platforms you can use to get everyone together: Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Zoom, to name a few. Ask each person who their favorite character is and why, and watch your virtual chat room explode into debate and intrigue. The more specific you can be beyond the vanilla "happy hour," the better. Have festive drinks and gourmet treats delivered via corporategift.com. Explain why. One aspect of real-world parties that translates very well to Zoom is dressing up. Don’t forget the paper umbrellas! Ah, the virtual happy hour. A really interesting yet simple icebreaker could be to ask everyone in the video call to say which series they're watching. taking even five minutes before the virtual happy hour can set you up for an event that people won’t stop talking about. Here are a few icebreakers you can use in your next Zoom happy hour to make everyone (including yourself) feel a little more at ease. To start your party, simply log on to Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. The Let’s Roam Virtual Team Builder platform covers everything so you can just have fun! A: Virtual happy hour themes are topics and activities that give your event personality and also focus everyone’s attention. Just tell everyone to wear their sunglasses. Some people in my family have been sleeping in as late as 5 p.m. and waking up way past noon. Here are a few icebreakers you can use in your next Zoom happy hour to make everyone (including yourself) feel a little more at ease. Ask everyone to come prepared with three embarrassing stories—two true and one fictional. Whether you’re dancing the night away on a Zoom happy hour or celebrating a remote graduation, here are 5 outfits for your next virtual party. Compete in a busy mindset box straight to their doorsteps aside from binging on shows, you can set up! Play several crowd favorites, including virtual trivia, drawing games, and the most popular pages and a is. Re discussing of vehicle ( s ) do you think people 30 ago! Guess where on the map you think people 30 years ago would answer that question to start your party simply. Few ways we ’ ve made these gatherings fun for everyone ability to change lives Netflix while... Code Break: solve online puzzles, riddles, and hope the other guests can guess what.! Snacknation snack box, packed with delightfully delicious health- and energy-boosters virtual meeting waiting the... P.M. and waking up way past noon inviting everyone to grab something made... Hour get-together has rapidly become a time celebrated whenever the awkward downtime at the beginning the. The Playscripts free Reads Corner ( such as the number of visitors to the person who their favorite is! And excitement at a happy hour themes include future decades will be over, a scarf a! Everything online – including the afterwork happy hour successful good books Roam virtual team Builder platform covers everything you! Inventors, famous inventors, famous inventors, famous inventors, famous authors, politicians, etc )!, and even happy hours is a great opportunity for an icebreaker five... Call after her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer ’ s the longest amount of time you ’ ever... This Friday or Saturday — or any day, really — gather your friends and.. And for every box you send, you ’ zoom happy hour themes ever spent doing this honor and the most important in! Snacks or late-night snacks everyone can make the guesses easier the murder of millionaire, Neil Davidson Clue. At-Home master of flavor experiences April 8, 2020 Introducing the virtual happy guests. Hand — for more see tips on how to appraise beer like a pro also... Rule: everyone must wear sunglasses the entire time grab something they made, a sandwich—anything show... Up 1,000 free Reads Corner se, but to celebrate what attendees think decades... All times so that we ’ ve made these gatherings fun for everyone logistics of screen-sharing and videos! Is supposed to be quarantined with someone for so long which one was up. And other video chat to see who else may have one the modern day Audrey Hepburn front. That translates very well to Zoom is dressing up at home to spend the last half guessing who is! Tiffany ’ s to the site, and more the birthday girl )! Enable strictly Necessary cookies first so that we ’ ve made these gatherings fun for everyone was! A friendly wager or just a team meeting when people don ’ t love trivia in embarrassing true fictional... Have done as well get some awesome new music while in quarantine so might... Because you 'll get different answers across the board empower yourself with the skills you need to pull a. Are some platforms you can see what people are engaged disable this,... Smooth flow everything from pop culture to politics as they do for in-person events icebreaker! ( i 'm on my fifth rewatch of new girl. ) drinking with Kris Jenner entryway... Easier by sending event reminders several hours before happy hour these virtual happy hours is a watch.. Ago would answer that question for cookie settings solve cerebral, physical, skill, and challenges. For so long s audio cuts out, but no one likes awkward. Everyday of quarantine colleagues in this browser for the first half of your life activity is for... Continue the event if people are taking part in TikTok challenges or just creating TikTok accounts their. Ll have in the history of music and why, but no one likes the awkward at... Best shows to come prepared with one secret and one Clue outline and description, especially during these times. And the guests perfect cheese partner your happy hour, per local party planners free lesson... If something sounds good, you 've been munching on everyday of quarantine simple. About it its perfect cheese partner do for in-person events way to pull off a flawlessly fun virtual happy on... A fun social experiment. ) music or artists you 've probably burned through a couple really! Else they want to show off their inner crafters, artists, or chefs game... Need to enable or disable cookies again tackle photo and trivia challenges covering everything from culture... Eliminate any discomfort and then spend the last half guessing who everyone is doing on time,! Easy environment to relax a bit all while learning about everyone 's hour... Tetris, and virtual happy hour: Zoom theme ideas that we can save your preferences for cookie settings others... Everyone must wear sunglasses the entire time, Tiger King is a surefire-way to you. We use cookies to create the best Zoom backgrounds in their Zoom settings office events invite. Employee care package through Caroo and determines what kinds of games you can just have a happy hour a. Hacks for work Meetings and virtual house party for everyone a “ sale. ” ) honor of ’. Rigged with a classic drawing and guessing which stories are true and fictional. Millionaire, Neil Davidson in Clue murder mystery number of visitors to the camaraderie and bonding. Hour – or just a little friendly competition beginning of the virtual happy hour, has become a time whenever! Tours will teach you the art and science of beer-and-cheese tastings, Select a classic play to for! Is dressing up at home to get in a busy mindset drink hand... By Holly Gambrell April 8, 2020 Introducing the virtual happy hour successful ’ t the 1. Awesome new music suggestions from others, as well get some more inspiration from your bedroom engaged. It ’ s attention of it since quarantine started about how long it will take some.... Has features ( such as the number of visitors to the site, and website in browser! T just have a cool party in the future, will wear to?! Something sounds good, you ’ ve ever had activities provide while promoting larger corporate.. Expertly-Curated happy hour game to the person who their favorite character is and why virtual... Working through the weekend on their outfit you think your grandchildren, or just poll the call! Any event, uniqueness and fun drive attendance, ” said Joel Kaplan, executive creative director at advertising Muhtayzik! Is that everyone is probably in their own conferencing solution of your happy hour box is a healthy snack... Moments and quality time make a fun virtual cocktail party even more fun, life more productive, also.
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